Trim Best Tool For Personalizing Home

One of the easiest ways to personalize your home is to add character with mouldings / trim. Either made of solid wood or composite, mouldings can be used to add detail wherever floors, doors, ceilings and windows meet with walls.

The addition of decorative trim can take an ordinary space and transform it into something completely different in a way that is hard to replicate with any other decor tool. It can style the character of your space, from contemporary to traditional, craftsman, colonial, Victorian and other looks.

With so many options, it’s sometimes difficult to choose corresponding trim pieces that all go together. To help, numerous trim companies are now packaging trim styles so you can achieve the overall look you want, by picking and choosing features all from the same collection.

These companies recognize that today’s buyers are looking to buy what they see on TV and online and have introduced the most sought-after home decor styles by bundling moulding and interior door combinations.

Learn the basic terminology for these architectural elements here.