We Won! 🥳

In February, we learned that we were finalists in the Canadian Home Builder’s Association National Awards for Housing Excellence for our Kokomo Beach Club website. This week, we were surprised with an office visit and the announcement that we WON! It’s our first national award win for Wastell Homes, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for this recognition.

In collaboration with our marketing agency, The Brand Factory / Joey AI, we developed a website that showcases the true vibrancy and dynamism of the Kokomo Beach Club community.

The marketing materials were produced before work on the site had begun (and any homes had been built), so we had to get creative with assets. We commissioned a photographer and models to visit Port Stanley and take photographs of key attractions and amenities. We also relied on Elgin County Economic Development & Tourism for area photography, as well as our own artist renderings of the community, homes, condos and Beach Club.

The result is a highly visual, immersive, interactive website that communicates the charm of Port Stanley and our community worthy of NATIONAL accolades! 🏆

Browse our award-winning website, here.